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Custom colour serving board or tray - MADE TO ORDER

Custom colour serving board or tray - MADE TO ORDER

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Looking for a special serving board or serving tray that you are not seeing?

I'm happy to work with you on a custom board in the size and colours of your choice.

I have pictures here to give you ideas, but you are only limited by your imagination. If you want a purple and lime green board, then go for it! The best results are achieved with 4 or less colours including a metallic highlight. Black, white and gold would be 3 colours for example.

Feel free to message me to discuss options, or simply let me know the colours you want in the notes section at checkout - please include the following:
1) Primary colour - this is the main colour used and is typically the one that is closest to the wood serving portion of the board
2) Secondary colour(s) - choose up to 2. I may opt to use a sparkly mica pigment for these unless you specify you want only flat colours.
3) Metallic highlight - options include gold, silver, copper, rose gold, and bronze
**If you are looking for something very specific like ocean waves or a peacock pour then no need to pick colours, just comment that instead.

Boards are poured on one end.

Please keep in mind that the fluid pouring technique I use will result in a different outcome every time. Something similar to those shown is possible, but no two boards will be exactly the same.

NOTE: Custom pours take additional time as they require curing for a minimum of 7 days before shipping to avoid any damage to the resin while in transit. Be prepared for a 10-14 day delay before your item is shipped.

I carry the following sizes and wood species - choose the species and size you want when ordering:

Canadian Maple:
• 38cmL x 15cmW x 2cmD (15"L x 6"W x 0.75"D) - small handled board
• 51cmL x 15cmW x 2cmD (20"L x 6"W x 0.75"D) - medium handled board
• 51cmL x 25cmW x 2cmD (20"L x 10"W x 0.75"D) - large handled board

• 30.5cmL x 23cmW x 2cmD (14"L x 11"W x 0.75"D) - large square board

• 38cmL x 15cmW x 2cmD (15"L x 6"W x 0.75"D) - small square board
• 51cmL x 15cmW x 2cmD (20"L x 6"W x 0.75"D) - medium square board

Bamboo Trays:
• 30cm round x 5cmD (11.8"L x 2"D)
• 35cm round x 5cmD (13.8"L x 2"D)


Made with Canadian Maple hardwood and food safe, scratch resistant resin.

Serving boards are conditioned with food safe board oil.


  • 38cmL x 15.25cmW x 2cmD (15"L x 6"Wx 0.75"D)

Care information

Care for this board like you would any good quality wood cutting board

- hand wash in mild soap and water

- do not soak in standing water

- do not use abrasive cleansers

- use food safe board oil on the wood as needed


Your order will ship within 2 business days.

Shipping time and cost are calculated at checkout based on your selected shipping method.

Free contactless local pick up is available during checkout. I will contact you to arrange a time for pick up from my studio near Uptown in Victoria, BC when your order is ready.


Can I cut on it?

The resin is scratch resistant, however it is not glass and may be scratched by sharp knives. If you want to use it as a cutting board, it’s best to choose a larger board with enough plain wood surface to accommodate everyday chopping. Alternatively, you can flip the board over and use the back for cutting, but I recommend a tea towel underneath to protect the resin and to stop the board from slipping as resin is hard and smooth.

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