I have always been drawn to beautiful things for the home - glasses, plates, silverware, linens, etc. My mother is a potter, and I grew up using gorgeous, functional art everyday. I firmly believe those special pieces that bring you joy should be used, not shelved away.

Using a fluid pouring technique, I create pieces that combine food safe epoxy resin with functional pieces you can (and should!) use in your home. Resin by nature is transparent, and the ability to see the organic movement, layers, and hidden treasures that become captured in the resin as it cures while touching its hard glass like finish is fascinating and very appealing.

I am happy to do custom pieces - if you do not see something in a colour(s) or style you like, please contact me and we can discuss the possibilities.

Each piece is unique and handmade by me - it is important to know that resin cures over several days, and while I do everything possible to ensure a smooth finish there is the possibility that a dust particle, ripple, or tiny bubble becomes trapped in the finish. These are testament to the hand made nature of the piece and will not deter from the beauty or functionality of the piece.

These pieces are a perfect balance between art and function. I sincerely hope you love using them as much as I have creating them.